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Are you ready to get your "swim wear" on? 

It’s July and we’re in the thick of summer. Sandals, tank tops, shorts and dare I say, swimsuits. You have decided to spend time at the shore or the beach this summer with the family or your girlfriends, but your dilemma is what to wear. Don't have Halle Berry's body? That's okay, you can still profile in style.

Keri Henderson, author of the blog, A Diva State Of Mind, has got you covered with style advice for every body type.  Are you pear-shaped (heavy on the bottom), top hourglass (heavy on the top), or a brickhouse, 36-24-…. well you know.  Read below and let Keri help you pick out the perfect one or two piece swimsuit so you can look classy and sexy, all at the same time!  --Nona, Editor

If you haven’t gone shopping for swimsuits yet, I hope this post will serve as a guide on your quest to find the perfect one for the season!

Let’s dive in shall we?!

Bigger on Top (Larger bust than hips)

Support and coverage is key! If you’re going to wear a two piece, look for swimsuit tops that fit like a bra.  Tops that have a thicker band on the side of the swimsuit top will aid in supporting your girls! If you prefer a one-piece, look for swimsuits that have structure in the bust; a soft foam cup or shelf bra. While you can wear thinner straps, thicker straps may be more comfortable depending on bust size.  You can balance out your top half by wearing a roll down bikini bottom in a bright color or print.  This will create flattering volume in your lower half and help create the ideal hourglass shape.
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Bigger on Bottom (larger hips than bust)

The bigger on bottom body type gets tricky. In general, you’ll want to select swimsuits that are cut higher in the leg (both bikini’s and one-piece). This will make your thighs look leaner. Many believe boy shorts work because they cover the derrière, however, boy shorts cut at the widest part of your thigh. That’s why they are great for women who don’t have curves. Bikini’s with side ties and...

For more swimsuit suggestions and to read the rest of the article, click here.


Keri Henderson is the creator of A Diva State of Mind, LLC. She started the blog  to express her thoughts on fashion trends & must haves, entertainment news, relationships, etc.

Keri has worked in retail for many years and found joy in helping others dress their best. With a passion for fashion and a background in retail, she expanded the Diva brand in the Washington, DC area! A Diva State of Mind offers personal styling services to help individuals meet their lifestyle needs without breaking the bank. To schedule an appointment please contact her at keri@adivastateofmind.com or 301-836-1451.

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