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National Adoption Awareness Month

This past March during Women's History Month, we debuted the Women History Makers--DC, MD, & VA program and the WOMEN AT LIBERTY website.  One of the blogs we were blessed to feature was a story by Dr. Sonya Ramsey on the Another Choice Adoption Agency of North Carolina. (See Women Helping in Creating New Families: Another Choice through Adoption) This month, in celebration of National Adoption Awareness Month, we are presenting a story from "Adoption Stories", a show on the Discovery Health Channel, that featured Another Choice Adoption Agency, its founder Ruth Emerson, and the journey of Tommy Lee and Sharon Hayes-Brown's to build their family. Theirs is a lovely story and I am sure that you will enjoy it. Take a look at their story and let us know what you think.
There's more to the Hayes-Brown Adoption story!  Do you want to see Part II?  Click here.