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Female-Led Companies Have More Women in Top Roles, Study Shows


The world’s top female-led companies have more women in executive positions than the average business in their peer group, according to a report by the Corporate Women Directors International.

Companies with women chief executive officers have boards that are 22 percent female compared with an average of 9.8 percent among all businesses in a study released this month by the Washington-based nonprofit research group.

U.S. companies including Avon Products Inc. (AVP), Xerox Corp. (XRX), Wellpoint Inc. (WLP), PepsiCo Inc. and Kraft Foods Inc. (KFT) -- all with women CEOs -- have more than 30 percent of their board seats held by women, according to the research, which was based on 2010 data.




October 11, 2001
Charlene Li:  Leadership in the age of social media

Charlene Li of Altimeter Group on how technology is revolutionizing corporate leadership--from BP to Apple.



Sister CEOs

The Today Show highlights two remarkable siblings, Maggie Wilderotter, CEO of Frontier and her sister, Denise Morrison, CEO of Campbell Soup.  In this video, the women discuss their mother and family and learning business skills at a very early age, sibling rivalry, and their present day success.


October 25, 2011


B. Smith

Barbara "B" Smith is a former fashion model who evolved into a restaurateur, author, lifestyle expert, entrepreneur, talk show host, and spokesperson. This trailblazing Pennsylvania native tells the story of how she convinced her father to enrolled her in a modeling school in Pittsburgh and with that fateful decision, B. Smith made history in the fashion industry.  She was featured on the cover of 15 magazines, traveled with the famous Ebony’s Fashion Fair Show, and was the first African-American woman to appear on the cover of Mademoiselle in 1976. 


B. Smith used her creativity and entertaining skills to expand her network in the fashion industry.  Early in her modeling career, she began preparing food and inviting people to come over to her apartment.  Later, this became her springboard into the restaurant industry although she purposely started working at enty level hosting and checking coats.  Now she has three restaurants that bear her name in New York City and Sag Harbor New York, and Washington, D.C.  Along with her husband and business partner, Dan Gasby, this entrepreneur sits at the helm of the multi-million dollar B. Smith Enterprises which consists of restaurants, cookbooks, a home collection of bath, bedding and kitchenware, and a designer furniture line. 

In this video, B. Smith talks about how she acquired her business skills and her strategy for success. She says, “I have stood on a mountain of ‘No's’ for one ‘Yes.”


VIDEO:  The Multi-Faceted Success of B. Smith:  Model, Entrepreneur and TV Personality
Reported by Tamani Wooley, FIOS1-News Weather & Sports