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Leadership Tuesdays--August 2011

2nd Edition


Donna Karan, Fashion Designer

"For me fashion is caring and sharing with another human being", said Fashion Designer Donna Karan.  In this video Ms. Karan talks with the Washington Post's Ned Martel about the feminine instinct, the value  that can be derived from collaboration, and her philantrophy efforts.  She highlights her business' approach to responding to the AIDS epidemic and the Haiti earthquake.    

Donna Karan

Quick Facts:


  • Born Donna Ivy Faske on October 2, 1948 in New Yorrk
  • Mother was a model, Father was a tailor
  • Widow, Donna was married to the late Stephen Weiss, a scupltor and painter, who was Co-CEO of the Donna Karan Company
  • Labels:  Donna Karen New York and DKNY
  • Very active in philantrophy; founded Urban Zen initiative