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The Single, Successful, Mature Woman’s Dilemma

by Kelly Green

Introduction by V. Nona Ogunsula

On March 1st, the White House Council of Women and Girls, led by Valerie Jarrett-- Council Chair, Assistant to the President & Senior Advisor, and Christina Tchen--Executive Director, Assistant to the President & Chief of Staff to the First Lady, released a report entitled, "Women In America, Indicators of Social and Economic Well-Being". In 2009, President Obama established The White House Council on Women and Girls 'to enhance, support and coordinate the efforts of existing [federal] programs for women and girls'. The report gives a statistical picture of women in America in five critical areas:

  • Demographic and family changes
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Health
  • Crime and violence

To review the actual report, please visit:


Today, we will begin a series of blogs written by Kelly Green of Insider Branding Secrets of Atlanta, Georgia, who describes her dilemma as a single, successful, mature woman who is not married and has no children.  However, doesn't everybody want the "American Dream" of a spouse, dog, and 2.5 children? And oh yes, don't forget the house with the white picket fence! 

After talking with some of her friends, Kelly found out that she is not alone. The Women In America report also bears this out. Women and men with more education are getting married about five years later than they did in the idyllic times of Ozzie and Harriet of the 1950's. Now regarding the issue of children, the dilemma is more poignant.  In 2008 about 18 percent of women age 40--44 (the latter part of peak childbearing years) have never had a child, almost double that in 1976.[i] Kelly along with several other women share with us the real impact of these statistics on their lives.

[i] WOMEN IN AMERICA, Indicators of Social and Economic, Well-Being, U. S. Department of Commerce

Economics and Statistics Administration and Executive Office of the President, Office of Management and Budget, March 2011