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November 29, 2011

International Adoptions

While we are familiar with the stories of celebrities like Madonna who adopted a daughter and son from Malawi, or Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt who adopted a daughter from Ethiopia, there is no more loving story than that of Bryson and Emily Vogeltanz.  In the video below, they share with us their journey to adopt a baby internationally. Even though they already had a toddler of their own, they felt an overwhelming desire to expand their family through adoption. From their initial conversations about adopting internationally to the first time they held Baby Evyn Olivia in their arms, you can see the instant love and connection they feel toward their new baby.  Bryson and Emily take us along with them as they travel to Ethiopia for Evyn's 'Gotcha Day'. Once back in the U.S., Evyn is welcomed home by her proud and excited new big brother, two year old Nash.  The Vogeltanzs' story is one of a family lovingly living out their faith through their adoption process.  They are indeed special people with who exemplify the special love they talk about.


If you are interested in adopting a child from Ethiopia or any international country, you may want to check out the Ethiopian Adoption Story.  This blog is the story of Dr. Myiesha Taylor who along with her husband adopted a daughter from Ethiopia in 2008.  The story of this family as well as other families who have shared their stories in this blog will give insight into the process for any individual or family pursuing adoptions internationally, especially adoptions in Ethiopia.