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2011 Women History Makers-DC, MD, & VA

Ms. Lynn Strange

Public Service & Education

Ms. Lynn Strange is the mother of three beautiful daughters and they reside in Elkridge, Maryland. Ms. Strange is a dedicated mother and the education of her three children is first and foremost in her life.  She has been an advocate for education in her community for many years.  She is being nominated as a 2011 Women History Makers—DC, MD, & VA because of the stance she has taken against school bullying. 


This year, the life of one of her daughters was attacked by school “Bullies”.  Due to fear of the bullies, her daughter threatened to take her life which caused her daughter to spend 7 days in the hospital. When the middle school made no attempt to protect her daughter upon her return, Ms. Strange made it her personal mission to protect her daughter and other students from the students had who been accused of breaking the law and participating in the acts of bullying. She also started actively advocating for schools to take action against the acts of bullying.


Ms. Strange believed that her daughter’s school was in violation of the “Anti Bullying” policy and procedures on both the state and federal level, so has been making every attempt possible to get this school and others to adhere to the laws.


Not only has Ms. Strange made a difference in lives being saved in our schools with the actions she is now taking, but she has also actively fought against Domestic Violence for a number of years. She has written several articles on Domestic Violence. 


Ms. Strange is employed by the state of Maryland in the States Attorney’s Office in Prince Georges County Maryland and is a member of Jericho City of Praise in Landover, Maryland.


Lynn Strange is a woman making a difference!


Ms. Lynn Strange was nominated by Flora J. Fortune.


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